Twitter Marketing Strategy – A Complete Automation Guide

This is the complete automation guide with Twitter Marketing Strategies and it will help you to improve your business in Twitter if you follow them. This article will cover all about your Twitter profile, Bio, Optimized Tweets to get audience engagements and shares, Twitter sandbox and most importantly how to automate Twitter account. If you are searching for “How to Use Twitter for Marketing”, then this guide is going to help you to get started and this is especially twitter help for dummies.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter Profile

Like any other Social network profile, original human profile will get more followers and engagements in Twitter. Upload real human photo (preferably your own image) in your Twitter account with 400×400 picture. Also add a cover photo with 3000×1000 pixel size to make it more professional and natural account. Always make sure you verify your email and phone number to not lose your account access in future.

Twitter Bio

You Bio field have to say who you are and what you are looking for. Optimize your Bio with targeted keywords and hashtags. You can also add you website link or landing page link to capture email address of the targeted customers. People mostly check your Bio to know who you are before following you. If you can give some free gift to the targeted user, they will be ready to enter into your email list.

Optimize Tweets

If you are using Twitter for business, definitely you need to optimize your tweet before tweeting them. Each tweet has its own comments and replies. And to note down, you can mention a person or other twitter account with the help of @ in your tweet. If you use @mention at the beginning of the tweet, only your’s and that accounts common followers can see that tweet. In that case, you will be missing huge reach of your tweet. So always add some text before @mentions to get more reach. So always understand twitter and learn how to use twitter effectively.

Twitter Sandbox

New Twitter accounts are automatically moved to sandbox. So what is Twitter Sandbox? Tweets that are made by the new accounts are not visible in the Twitter search. In order to get out of sanbox, your account should get some good engagements. Never post affiliate links directly into a new Twitter account. That is really a bad practice and this is the main reason for Sandboxing your accont. So play safe, and don’t try to spam with new twitter account.

Twitter Automation

With the help of IFTTT, you can automate your Twitter account. In IFTTT, you can create different type of recipe that allows to automate almost anything in the web. Here we are going to use 2 step recipe to be safe from Twitter and not to get banned.

First, signup,

First Recipe
If #(your niche hashtag)
-filter:replies -filter:nativeretweets filter:verified lang:en
then Create a note in evernote: RT @{username}{text}
This recipe posts retweets from verified twitter users in your niche into your evernote

Second recipe
If note in evernote then retweet

Important thing to note down here is, don’t post too many tweets in a single day. Or your account will be monitored and banned by Twitter.

twitter marketing strategy

Tips to Use Twitter Effectively

These are some most popular tips that is working for many online business and internet marketers to reach out more in Twitter and to grow their business.

  • Tweet many times during the day, so that many users can see your tweets.
  • Always ask some questions in your tweet, that gets good engagement.
  • Don’t post your own URL in new account.
  • Retweet URL’s of authority websites like LifeHacker, etc.
  • Limit number of tweets while automating with IFTTT.
  • Download Ghost Browser to manage multiple Twitter account at the same time.

I hope you leant how to use Twitter for marketing and various successful twitter strategies to make your account more authority. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. If you like this article, share with your friends.

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