Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Multiple Monitors & Shortcut Keys for Laptop, PC

Virtual Desktop allows you to manage your works separately and get organised with all the tasks without losing focus. Considering this, Microsoft integrated Windows 10 with Virtual Desktop to monitor multiple monitors to stay organised and focused. Using this Virtual Desktop feature in Windows 10, you can organise all your apps in different virtual dekstops. After so many people started using computers, different people need their desktop to be organised with different data. After considering this, finally Microsfot integrated Windows 10 with this most advanced feature.

Advantages of Windows 10 Virtual Desktop:

Some of the advantages of Windows 10 Virtual Desktop are,

  • You can easily shift to other desktop with just a click of your muse button.
  • It allows to organise different data and apps in different virtual dekstops.
  • Reorganise your data and move anywhere between these virtual dekstops anytime.
  • Keep every dekstop and data separate from other windows or desktop to stay organised and focused.

How to Create Windows 10 Virtual Desktop?

Making a virtual dekstop in windows is easy one. Now here are the steps to create Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 Operating system. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 with just few clicks.

Next to the Cortana, you can see “Task View” button in you windows 10. Click on that button and it will show you list of tasks that are currently running in your windows.

task view in windows 10

When “Task View” icon is clicked, it will show a screen with list of tasks running and at the botom right corner, you can find a “New Desktop” with “+” icon. Once you click on that icon, new virtual desktop will be created in your PC and but it will not have any apps running on it. So you can start running your other projects or other apps in this dekstop.

windows 10 virtual dekstop

In this new dekstop, you can entirely run different apps and stay focused and organised without interfering with Desktop 1 data and files. It is also possible to transfer your applications from one virtual dekstop to another dekstop. Just click on the “Task View” icon in the dekstop and select and drag the app to the new Desktop.

How to Switch from One Virtual Desktop to Another Virtual Desktop in Windows 10?

It is easy and straight forward to move to the next virtual dekstop in just a few clicks. Just click on the “Task View” icon and select the dekstop which you want to view and work on. If you are no longer in need of a virtual Desktop, you can simply delete this by simply clicking on the “X” button above that Desktop thumbnail.

List of Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use these shortcut key (hotkeys) combinations in order to access virtual dekstop in windows 10 operating system Laptops or Personal computers,

  • Win key + Tab => Launch “Task View”
  • Win key + Ctrl key + D => Create New Desktop
  • Win key + Ctrl key + Left/right Arrow key => Switch Desktop
  • Win key + Ctrl key + F4 => Close current Desktop

I hope these shortcut keys helps you to manage your virtual dekstops. if you like this tutorial, share with your friends and family.


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